Intelligent Route Planning

Pick-up and delivery simplified



Simplified Planning

With Routimise, make manual route planning a thing of the past. Create routes in seconds instead of hours. Need to make manual adjustments to the suggested route? no problem. You can upload orders in a spreadsheet or integrate us with your existing ERP solution using our simple API.

Flexible routing options

Delivery priorities vary by business. Service level can be very important for some businesses, and cost of delivery for others. With routimise you can choose to minimize travel time, fuel cost, number of vehicles used, or a custom combination.

Live tracking/analytics

Send routes to the routimise app on your drivers phone. Drivers get to see their entire delivery schedule in one place. Got a last minute pick-up? Send it to the driver in just a click. Track the progress of deliveries real-time on an interactive map. View analytics around on-time delivery, loading and unloading time and driver performance.

About Us

Routimise believes deliveries should be efficient and uncomplicated. Delivery companies such as Fedex and large manufacturers have been using vehicle routing algorithms to efficiently run their transportation fleet. With routimise you have access to similar state-of-art optimization algorithms for a fraction of the cost, without having to worry about infrastructure and setup. We are a lean team of optimization enthusiasts. Need a custom solution? happy to help.

Beta Registration

We are currently in private beta. We are looking for companies to try us out.